French Toasts Collection is a project born in 2018, inspired by the creative world and visual elements of French Toasts universe.

There are many elements taking part in building this universe: fashion, art, a travel destination, photography, a mood, or a person. All the inspirations are translated into a curated selection of fashion essentials with a vintage and classic reminiscence creating effortless, elegant and easy-to-wear pieces to dress from day to night.

French Toasts is fresh, natural, spontaneous, passionate, with charm and a retro touch. For the girls and women who appreciate quality design and aim to express themselves carelessly without being dictated by the fast changing trend environment we live nowadays.

Taking re-invented iconic shapes twisted into modern silhouettes, the brand wants to create a personal way of seeing fashion, building a timeless wardrobe that transcends through time.

Each capsule collection is presented as a 'Chapter' and aims to inspire conveying all the elements by offering exclusive limited pieces, paying special attention to detail and quality.

Every piece is handcrafted and ethically made in Spain using high quality materials and carefully selected fabrics.

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The French Toasts Team.